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A series of reflections on the bright future of humanity and the return of Jesus Christ. Saturdays at 11:15 AM.

While many are focused on the troubled economies of their nations, the instability of governments, the volatility of the Middle East, the imperialist aspirations of Russia and the surprised upset of democrats in the US, even Christians seem to be confused as to the historical significance of the times in which we live at the onset of the 21st century.

Pessimists and conspiracy theorists over-abound in the era of the Internet.  Just about anyone with a computer feels compelled to write anything that suits their distorted and uninformed opinions.  This creates confusion among many, especially those who are attracted to fantasies and allegorical stories and anything that is far from reality.

Eternity in View is a series of weekly reflections on the uncertainty of the times in which we live and the promised return of Jesus Christ to established His Kingdom on Earth.  It provides an encouraging biblical perspective rather than a humanistic and fatalistic opinion of the world.  It presents the Bible’s worldview through an honest review of its clear message highlighting key texts in Scripture that reveal the truth of the reality in which we live.

It is not a lecture on political or religious conspiracy theories, but rather an honest discussion of biblical prophetic themes that highlight spiritual and historical facts that point to the imminent return of Jesus Christ.  There is much to look for in the coming years ahead and the story of the human saga will end well.  How surprising!  There is no reason to despair, there is hope for humanity and a bright future for those who are willing to enter a new glorious era of peace and prosperity.  Of course, there is work to do before we get there, but who would be foolish not invest in a future that promises to be more than we even expect or anticipate.  The stakes are high on your side.

The series is intended to...

  • provide hope in the historical and propositional truth contained in God’s Word.
  • empower you to live a successful and practical lifestyle of peace and inspire others to receive blessings untold.
  • encourage the decluttering of your live by de-emphasizing the value some place on their daily challenges and emphasizing the eternal value that Jesus offers to every human being today.

The Bible has real answers that you can trust.  Join us every week on Saturday mornings at 11:15 AM for a series of snapshots reflecting on the prophecies of ancient Jewish prophets, the first advent of Jesus, the Lord's prediction of the undoing and renewal of the earth, and the apostles' teachings on the glorious morning soon to come to the inhabitants of Planet Earth.  Bring family and friends; this series promises to be like no other presented in recent times.

Presenter: Pastor Victor M. Reyes-Prieto, MDiv.
Live Music will enhance the program.

Free Gift for those who attend.

CALL TODAY 709-279-2807 for information.
Seats are limited.

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