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Musicians Needed for Camp Meeting 2015 (July 17-26)

We are currently looking for volunteer musicians for this summer.  If you are interested, please, choose from the choices below.

1. Congregational Praise.  Do you play an instrument?  Do you love to lead out in singing?  Do you have a music group?  We need musicians that can lead out in song service.  We are looking for individuals or groups to lead out during the evening and early morning meetings and some in between.

2. Choir. Do you enjoy singing with a team of vocalists?  What voice do you sing?  Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass?

3. Musical Selection.  Do you love to sing solo?  Musical Group?  We are looking voices that can sing in tune for the evening and Sabbath meetings.

Contact us today! Do Not Call.  Send email.


Join the Woody Acres Seventh-day Adventist Choir

If you love to sing with team of musicians, then we encourage you to join the Woody Acres Seventh-day Adventist Choir.  The choir will perform every year in July during the yearly camp meeting at Camp Woody Acres (near Holyrood). Depending on available venues, we look forward to performing in various parts of Newfoundland, including Marystown, where we are based.  Those who join do so on a volunteer basis.

Singing can be great fun especially when others are involved. Have you always wanted to sing in a choir?  If so, then this is your opportunity to join this choir. 

All you need is the ability to sing in key without accompaniment.  That's all.  If you have a unique solo voice, it can be tough to sing in a choir where voices are to blend to make one sound.  We still encourage you all who can hold a tune to come and join us.  We can all have fun singing together.

There are certain benefits to singing in a choir.

  • It fosters a sense of community
  • It boosts your immunity
  • It helps alleviate stress
  • It improves your breathing
  • It enourages you to sing praises to your Maker.

... and it’s fun!

Contact us today and remember to tell a friend.  Details coming soon.  Comeback here for updates.  Do Not Call.  Send email.


Camp Meeting 2014
Welcome to the new camp meeting choir.  Over the years there has been lots of talk in the background about forming a choir.  The Lord has open the door to form a choir for this summer.  We pray this will be the first of many years of praising our God through vocal music work.

Pastor Victor and Pamela Reyes-Prieto have been involved with choirs and/or orchestras for a number of years . For information on Pastor Reyes-Prieto's music training and experience visit Bolero Guitar Resources.  You may also read about them here.  They would love to make a small music contribution here in Newfoundland.  This is the reason why you have been invited to join the Woody Acres choir for Camp Meeting 2014.

Below you will find the information you need to prepare yourself to be part of this exciting adventure.

Music Selection (Audio Files)

#44 Morning Has Broken.  This tune will be sung in unison in the key of C as published in the Adventist Hymnal.  For the actual choir arrangement, expect a change of key to D at the third verse.  Then return to C and repeat the first verse again.  They piano arrangement will be provide introductions and transitions from one verse to the next.  It follows a similar idea as Cat Stevens's 1976 performance.  This hymn will be the main feature.

#685 Cause Me To Hear. This is a modern hymn by Melvin West, a Seventh-day Adventist composer.  It is a beautiful musical treasure hidden in the pages of our hymnal.  We suggest you spend time listening to the piece several times before attempting to learn it, as it will take some time getting used to the melody which will be sung in unison.  Note the key transitions from the key of E to Eb.  We encourage you to learn the harmonic parts of the last three measures.  This vocal sentence will be sung immediately after #44 as an introduction to the speaker. Warning: measure #6 contains an error in the recording. It should be: Thee (2 beats) - do (1 beat) - I (1 beat).

#663D Amen. This amen is quite unique and sounds lovely.  We encourage you to do your best in learning your harmonic part.  It is short and will be used to conclude the main pastoral prayer which will be sometime after the Scripture Reading.

#362 Lift High the Cross (refrain and verses 1 and 2). This is the theme song for Camp Meeting 2014.  The melody will be sung in unison.  Whereas the choir may not be featured singing this hymn, we encourage you to learn it so you may lead the congregation in singing it from the pews.

Tip: Consult the Adventist Hymnal for melodic and timing details.  The audio files should help all of you be ready for rehearsal and ensure that we prepare the best we can our for the worship of our God.

Thank you for your contribution and feel free to invite others to join us.

Victor and Pamela Reyes-Prieto (contact)
Seventh-day Adventist Church
Marystown, NL



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