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About the Pastor

Victor M. Reyes-Prieto began his duties as pastor of Marystown Seventh-day Adventist Church in Newfoundland on January 1, 2013.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, MA, USA; and a Master’s Degree in Divinity from Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI, USA.  

His passion for serving the interests of the Christian Church goes back to when he first starting teaching the Scriptures at the tender age of 13 years old.  In his early 20s soon after he began his training to enter pastoral ministry; he was ordained an elder of the College Church in South Lancaster and in his junior year of his theological studies the school honoured him by endorsing his candidacy to pastoral ministry in a ceremony in which he was dedicated, along with a select few, to a life-long work of service as a minister of God.  

Pastor Reyes-Prieto has a passion for promoting the Holy Scriptures as an inspiring and valuable Book which contains the expressed will of God for humanity. Since training, he has been involved in the public proclamation of God’s Word throughout the US, speaking to youth, young adults and mature audiences in local congregations as well as in annual camp meeting gatherings.  

His training in leading home Bible study groups have been fruitful as many have been inspired to lasting healthy interpersonal relationships as well as others being led to join the Body of Christ by making responsible commitments through baptism.

Due to his desire to see the Gospel of Jesus expand throughout the world, he has supported innovative initiatives such as worldwide satellite events and Internet streaming.  In return the Lord has aided him to guide people to surrender their lives to Christ.  Some of these experiences include joining Ron Clouzet, former Director of the North American Division Evangelism Institute (NADEI), as a team member during public meetings in Caldwell, Idaho.  In South Bend, Indiana, he joined Prs. Thrustor Thordarson and  Dwight Nelson in a series of public meetings on Bible prophecy.

He is also an educator; Pastor Reyes-Prieto has professional training in language acquisition.  His language program was selected by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to serve as a model for charter schools in Massachusetts; as a result he was asked to train principals and educators in establishing language programs throughout the state and join the visitation team to assist charter schools in designing their language programs to be in compliance with federal guidelines.   He was also invited by EdisonLearning Inc., formerly, Edison Schools, Inc., a for-profit education management organization for public schools, to form part of a team of presenters to equip teachers at a national convention in Pennsylvania with strategies for using technology in language acquisition classrooms.

As a musician with music conservatory training in the classical guitar, he has performed and traveled with small combos, choirs and orchestras and as a solo musician throughout the USA and Canada.  He has also ran two guitar clinics at Pine Tree Academy's yearly music clinic event.  Pastor Reyes-Prieto also enjoys writing poetry, building computer systems, experimenting with audio recording and teaching guitar.  For recreation, he loves soccer, hockey, skiing, golf, camping and water activities.

Originally from Ecuador, South America, he is third-generation Seventh-day Adventist Christian from his mother's side, a family that has contributed to the expansion of the Ecuadorian mission through Christian education and planting new congregations.  On his paternal side, His mainly Catholic family is quite supportive of his endeavours as a minister of God. His parents moved to the United States of America when he was just a teenager.  Traveling within Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, the United States and Canada has given him a clearer understanding of the challenging mission of the Christian Church throughout the Americas in spreading the Gospel.

He is also a published author, writing for Andrews University Seminary Studies, the Canadian Union Messenger and currently the Editor of A.S.K. 

  • Editor of Ask. Seek. Knock. (A.S.K. Newfoundland and Labrador’s Quarterly Prayer Journal)
  • “Our Father - The Hero of the Human Saga.” Canadian Adventist Messenger, November 2016 Vol. 85 No. 11, pg 17.   See “Prayer Life” section.
  • “Approaching God: Prayer an Act of Worship.”  Canadian Adventist Messenger, April 2016 Vol. 85 No. 4, pg. 17.   See “Prayer Life” section.
  • “From Thunderous to Beloved.”  Canadian Adventist Messenger, October 2015 Vol. 84 No. 10, pg. 17.  See “Prayer Life” section.
  • Book Review: Elements of Biblical Exegesis, Revised and Expanded Edition —A Basic Guide for Students and Ministers.  Andrews University Seminary Studies Vol. 48 Autumn 2010 No. 2, pg. 323.  An excerpt later published by Baker Publishing Group.   

His dream is to inspire Christian leaders to mentor, train and work closely with a select group of laity to form a team of evangelists in key urban communities, to lead young and old to value Christian family worship and daily study of the Scriptures and to transform the weekly Bible study into an agency for outreach in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Pamela M. (Oinonen) Reyes-Prieto, currently in pastoral ministry with her husband, is a former teacher of secondary mathematics; she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a concentration in Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Education Technology.

She has had a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of high school students while gaining respect from school administrators by mentoring new teachers into the profession and training her colleagues in best pedagogical practices. 

Pamela loves music and has performed as a chorister in the USA and Germany.  While in Germany she toured the Luther and Reformation sites and gained a greater appreciation for Protestantism. 

She is an avid reader and loves the study of the Word of God. Pamela also enjoys working with young people and caring for the elderly.  She loves cats, puzzles, traveling, tennis and skiing. 

Her life-long dream has been to serve God in a pastoral partnership; this dream began its fulfillment when she married. Together they have led relational Bible study groups for several years; as a result many have had their faith renewed and others have given their lives to the Lord.  She is looking forward in faith to continue to enjoy the reciprocal blessings available to those who answer the call to lead young and old to Jesus Christ.

Currently, the Reyes-Prietos run the NuFoundLife Centre, a community outreach in Marystown, Newfoundland, that offers tutoring math services to high school students and music education to all ages.  The Centre attracts youth from the local community on a weekly basis which opens the doors to bless their families.  The students of the Centre also provide music for Easter and Christmas services.  The highlight of the year is the yearly June Tallys Music Recital which features the students of the Centre.

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